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Welcome to gamelab, a web application for online game theory experiments. Gamelab allows experimenters to configure two-player normal-form games for play over the Internet. It features lottery incentives, Mechanical Turk integration, programmatic play, and many other features.

Jorgen Jörgen
Eskil Eskil
Kristaps Kristaps

Gamelab was developed for Jörgen Weibull with financial support from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Research Foundation. The project was designed by Eskil Forsell and Jörgen Weibull, and implemented by Kristaps Dzonsons.

If you're interested in deploying a gamelab server of your own, consult the manual on how to download, install, and conduct experiments. You can also contact Kristaps directly to host experiments directly on the server. Otherwise, if you're interested in teaming up, or just want to share your experiences, contact Jörgen or Eskil. In the spirit of academic sharing, gamelab is open source, and we kindly suggest that experimenters cite our work!